Precision Design Co. is a pc support and web services company with offices in Gretna Manitoba and Altona Manitoba, Canada. Locally owned and operated, we are the leader in web development, small business & home pc support and data backup services in our region.

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PDC offers knowledgeable windows pc support on-site or with our remote support tools.

We can diagnose and fix many pc problems including spyware without ever seeing your computer.

We can also walk you through new tasks, setup software and diagnose other problems instantly.

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Today more than ever, your data is critical to you. Pictures, Financials, Email It's all on your computer.

PDC managed offsite backup services keep your data safe from Virus infection, Theft, Fire, Disk Crashes, Hardware Failure & more!

Most people never think about backups until it's too late - with PDC, you don't have to remember to backup... We do it for you!


Your website will leave a lasting impression on your customers, make it a positive impression with PDC website services.

Our programmers are pro's at CSS, PHP, MySQL, JS. Yeah, we know all the buzz words...

...but more than that, we are experienced graphics professionals with the skills it takes to build and host your website AND make you look GREAT!.

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